fun fall things.

8:48 AM noni iloveyoumydear 4 Comments

weekend is near, juchhuh! (as we say in German)...
that means perfect time for some fun fall activities,
don`t you think !?

1) getting inspired meanwhile a walk-> journaling won`t be a problem 
    if you have some waterproof notebooks

2) warm tea outside will be perfect in these pretty thermos

3) still looking for a fun kite for the little one, I guess this will be it!

4) oh I fell in love with these ! never again cold and wet feet while jumping 
into puddles and you will still look good while doing this!
(but I think I will also be broke while jumping in puddles with these:)

5) yes to portable grills, so you can have bonfire in the most,  hidden
and beautiful places in nature, where ever you go

6) walking in rain will be fun with these pretty dotted umbrellas
(on sale at asos)

which plans do you have for the weekend ?
 Have a fun one !