a cosy friend (fox scarf DIY)

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So in need of some new cosy accessories for fall I thought about
some new DIY here on the blog.
And it was obvious that it this time had to be a fox scarf...
those who know me already are maybe kind of used to my 
fox fondness. And of course the little girl like it too.

so if you are also looking for a a new cosy friend,
around your neck, here you go:
( at least your kid will love it:)

1- precut 2 layers of fabric, each one around 160cm long
2- cut both the edges into a peak shape
3-  precut the face parts : 1 cut out triangle form, triangles
     for the ears, and one for the nose, I used fluffy fleece material
4- prepare the tale: a "rounded triangle
5- fix the face parts with the sewing machine
    then sew the scarf layers altogether, while sewing the tale 
   right side on right side, layer inside is also getting fixed 
   and leave a hole to turn it upside down, close the hole afterwards
6- fix the button eyes

READY! Have fun !
( and yes we wear the scarf quite often...:)

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Anonymous said...

So wonderfully cute! Absolutely adore this idea and it looks adorable on. :) x


Sarah S. said...

I have been loving everything foxes lately! And definitely have at least one diy on my to do list.
Um, also... I love your headband. did you make it?

maria said...

haha, very cute! You're so creative, such a gift!

thank you so much and thank you for stopping by!

Thank you so much Sarah. The headband is from H&M, but I totally can imagine that one can easily make it on itself...maybe a new project for you:)?

oh dear Maria, thank you so much!

Absolutely adorable scarf...I love this idea! This would be a great post to link up to Create It Thursday #24…it's live now! Hope to see you there!