adventures in the quiet (our weekend)

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hope you had a great weekend. we definitely had.
thought to do a little recap from our last two weekends...
actually, nothing big happened.

which is so good. because we really had rest.
the last weeks we had a whole lot of dates, family celebrations, meeting friends ... 
although it was real good,  it was real much.

 These days I noticed that Emmi got her temper tantrums 
more often, listened less and so on.
maybe it`s a part of another leap in her development,
but it sometimes can be quite exhausting,
especially in midst time schedules.

 in such times rest is a real good thing,
some extra time to respond to each other,
 so we took a little family time out.
I learned that this is ok., even though there is still so
much to do, ...
these things can wait and they will :)

that meant for us the past weekends-
no plans, waiver of internet and tv, just enjoying some family time instead,
family meals, long walks and some simple fall adventures.

I just really love to watch how Emmi discovers her world,
collecting all fall things she can find, 
sticks, feathers, leaves, everything she likes.

she not even chose the pretty colored leaves and things 
sometimes the old and brown ones.
she has a totally different perspective of beauty,
we are teached,
but to those littles, things are beautiful because simply they chose it and
thatswhy its pretty to them, no matter what others think.

we made a bowl where she can put in all things she loves along the way.
I love it and sometimes just smile about the little treasures inside.

with some other leaves she wanted to make bouquets.
which look pretty to me although they are already shriveled.
I like it because they tell Emmis and our simple adventures.

other leaves we just pressed and glued pictures with them ,
framed it and now they are in her room.

it didn`t take much. just some simple time for each other,

and do you know what, the extra temper tantrums disappeared.
and we nearly didn`t notice...

it also helps that we just kind of interrupted her and are starting to
help to learn her to express her feeling in simple words
and so find a solution.

that needs time and it`s also part of childhood development, I guess.
but making enough time to listen to each other and to respond , is so important.

and  I learned once again not to get stuck in these situations,
and instead enjoy the beauty of everyday .

so simple. just some extra time
for the most important things
 this really makes happy.

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