tea time (spiced ginger plum tea recipe)

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as mentioned everything warm and cosy is welcome in our house these days.

that`s why and because we are tea lovers anyways I started more to experiment
with fresh tea ingredients and spices to make more own so to say handmade tea.
and what should I say... I love it.
Its kind of thrilling just having some main ingredients that work for you,
 throw them together and look what comes out !
plus you just know whats in your tea and fresh ingredients are also most 
times much more intense...

so I thought I put together some easy and helpful ingredients,
that I "experimented" with and that the most of you already have at home :

spices like clove, anise, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom,chili
 and also lavender are perfect and delicious for fall and winter spiced teas.
I also started to dry leftover apple peel, such as pear and also lemon and orange 
peel is a good tea base, (of course you have to be sure that it`s untreated with chemicals)
fresh ginger also is a good tea base,
or have you ever tried dried fruits like plums, apricot or cranberries?
and not to forget fresh herbs like fresh mint, lemon balm, basil,...

this list could go on and on... not to even think about the variations!

so you see, it`s pretty fun and I guess you already have your own ideas !

so within the next months, you shouldn't wonder when I share some 
results of my new experiment series here...

such as:


(5-6 slices ginger, 4 dried plums some clove and cinnamon )

I love me some ginger tea in winter and this is a real good one.
not that it only tastes intense and good with the fresh ingredients,
it`s also just healthy : Ginger warms the body from inside and is good
for your immune defense in the cold days and helps against colds,
dried plums activate your metabolism,...

so winter I guess you can come!

do you tried some fresh tea recipes yet, anything you can
recommend? I`m curious:)...

have a happy weekend!


maria said...

Oh, I'd love a cup of that tea! The only fresh tea I've made so far is mint tea, but your ideas are great! I'm thinking an apple, cinnamon and vanilla tea or ginger, lemon and chili tea would be delicious!

I'm not usually a fan of tea, but this actually looks delicious!
stopping by from the blog hop :)


so right Maria, sounds real good! tell me if you try...I`ll go and post mine soon:)

hey brooke thanks for stopping by, by the way love your blog and your fashion style:)!