a time out.

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it´s a bit quite here now, I guess.
the last days have been some sick days around here.
Me and the girl faced a bronchitis and my sports accident 
which was first diagnosed as pinched nerve in the back turned out
to be a rupture of my shoulder capsule. It´s quite painful and I barely
can`t use my right arm... the healing while take some time.
so I`m still figuring out to find a routine in between enough resting,
still running my business (costum orders, working on new spring stuff
and a wedding collection, which actually should come out end of February)
and most important of course mama and family life.
It´s still a bit crazy so to say. To be honest my home is looking very much like a mess
and there is an amount of laundry and many other things that need to be done at 
the moment. but somehow I´m ok. with that.
God is giving me peace and rest, I´m facing each day now...just one step at a time.

it´s just a phase that will pass.

So I´m taking a little time out now from this space.
It´s a bit sad because I actually have so many fun things
from the beginning of 2014 that I haven`t shared with you yet.

But I´m happy and so much looking forward for the time
when we meet again.

And on that way I really want to say thankyou so much
to sweet Mary Beth from Annapolis&Co. who featured
my tiny-weeny instagram corner. This and all the sweet
people commenting and stopping by totally cheered me up.

I`m so happy for such spaces of sharing and inspiring !

so be blessed friends, see you soon !

xxx noni