take heart (confetti heart DIY).

6:46 AM noni iloveyoumydear 3 Comments

just a little valentine´s fun in between...
who doesn`t love sweets and some confetti...!?
plus- add a little love message and pack it all together
in a heart and there you go...

 I also used some thread to make a garland out of a few of the hearts,
inside mine there are some fun love messages and date ideas for the hubs
and some sweets and stickers for the kid ...

and everyone is happy :)...

Just a few simple steps:

1) make a heart shaped template and cut some hearts out of transparent
2) close the heart edges by sewing two shapes together 
( by hand or sewing machine), leave a small opening
3) punch holes in the upper middle
4) add confetti and sweets, messages,...
5) close the opening with some tape
6) add the thread to make a garland
7) tear open and have fun !


Hannah said...

Oh my, Noni, I love this idea a lot! This post had got me wanting to sew all kinds of shapes of paper together with messages hidden inside! Thanks for the inspiration!

ha, ha so lovely! thanks hannah, and you are so right, how about stars!:)

Sarah S. said...

LOVE this idea! So cute, simple and inexpensive. Definitely doing this for my husband and son. Thanks for sharing.