off to pastures new.

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talking about some new fun things around here today !

maybe you remember this post...  about new ways and  new possibilities 
and maybe if you already read a few more posts around here,
 you noticed we really like travelling;).

so last fall we decided to go and get ourselves a sweet small caravan...
and what should I´s working out just perfect for us, we can travel whenever
we want and always have our tiny home with us,
and because we are doing+ having a couple of worship/band events each year,
we now always have our home so to say around the corner,
which for us makes travelling with a toddler (and maybe more babys someday:) 
a whole lot easier.

so I thought it would be fun sharing a few sneak peeks of our caravan
and our process in doing it up, etc.

if you ask me,
I really can say that deciding for a caravan is not such a big deal.
I would always encourage families to save a little money and go and get one if they
like camping and travelling.
The decision of having a caravan or mobile home, size/ age etc. certainly will
distinguish from family to family, just according to their preferences and requirements.

In our case, we wanted to keep everything quite easy and economical.

We took a small version to be still agile, easily park it, don`t have to 
deal with big repairs of entire mobile home cars/engines, plus there are
no amounts of taxes for caravans and such to pay here in Germany.
we chose a used, affordable 94er "hobby"version, that is good quality and 
compact furnished , but guess what

 ... full of beautiful mid 90ies design. yes! so here we are...

and that's why I´ll thought to share a bit of the (much needed) restyling process, 
some ideas, things that worked for us (or not) along the way...

 so let`s start with a few inspiration sources on my pinterest board :

the restyling process in our case needed to be practical, one step at a time, 
easy and favorable.
luckily there is a whole lot of inspiration out there in the www, whether for refurbishing 
mobile homes, caravans, cabins, small rooms etc.
you can simply achieve so many differences through easy changes in
  in surfaces, colours, textiles..., 
like you can see in the pictures above...

1/2//4/5 Cara Rosenlund`s beautiful caravan renovation is so inspiring !
3- also this one is an eyecatcher, love the bright colors +retro chic
6-5 tips for design in small trailer homes, so useful /
7- which is a good example for working with different materials and surfaces

and of course there are so many inspiring family stories out there,
which I just love following along, I bet you already came across a few of them,
like Chris Wiegands airtream renewal and american blogger documentary,
Smittenstudio- Sarahs cabin renovation, (she has such an eye for creating beautiful spaces)
 and of course not to forget Joy Prouties family trailer adventures ...

so what about you ? any suggestions and tips,
I´m curious to learn and read more ...