baking bread again .(add some more cheese also).

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guess what, right ... i can`t stop...
- baking bread
so I also don`t stop sharing the results...
because this is pretty much fun !

actually it`s not even a big deal,
because i`m still varying my go to recipe,
and it does not get boring.

so if you like stay a while and join me...

remember this bread recipe, so easy, no!?

in these pictures I varied it (again) and made:

Fresh cress, emmentale cheese buns:

used rye flour and as the name says, added fresh cress and 
some sliced emmentale cheese cubes...,
use the original amount of dough to form 12 buns,

( baked in the preheated oven, 200°C at 20 minutes)

so good! especially when the buns are still warm and cheesy ...

and there is another one,
which really is really one of our families favorites.

Mont D`or Cheese baked bread:

again I used half of the original seize of my go to recipe,
with whole wheat flour and one third less yeast (to get it real crusty),
prepared the dough as always, rolled it in a round circle,
3 fingers thicker then the radius of the Mont D`or Cheese,
added some bits of slices of garlic into the edge crust, 
closed it all around the cheese,
digged a small whole into the midst of the Mont D`or

and proceeded like normally by adding some white vine and garlic inside the
midst of the cheese,
after that placed it in the preheated oven, ca. 180 °C- 30 minutes...
(until there is a nice bread crust and the cheese inside is melted) 

and le voilà- you will love it ! 
( and you may never stop baking bread...)