Arriverderci !

12:03 AM noni iloveyoumydear 2 Comments


Hello everyone !

just saying a short Goodbye ...we are leaving for a  little roadtrip.
Travelling through the Alps and dolomites to sunny Bella Italia.
It´s a beautiful road to travel !

Hopefully I get to make some nice shots and share them later with you !?

But MUCH more than that, this time we just said to ourselves to focus on our 
family quality time, having fun together and soaking it all in.

Sometimes all this photo taking camera stuff can come a bit in between.
Do you know what I mean ?
If you you know me, you know I like pretty pictures, making memories and such ...


Sometimes we are so occupied by taking the most beautiful pictures we really miss the 
most beautiful moments that happen right before our eyes.
Precious moments to soak them in, rest in them, capture them in your mind forever.

Life is a blessing ! 
And it´s important to live each of the moments, happening right before our eyes.

(and now and then also capture them,with a camera, but that`s not the most
important thing to do:) ...