fall fun to do list and such.

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 Happy Friday everybody,

we are back home from our lil`vacation trip...
and of course I will share a few random details soon...

As we were arriving home,
coming directly from the warm, comfy still sunny south,
it kind of felt so unreal...
we left our home street with green leaves which
where colored when we arrived back home.

and for the first time since years.
I didn`t like it.
I know myself as a so to say fall person,
this year it kind of feels different.

but you know, fall doesn`t care about my concerns,
so I decided to conclude peace by doing a little 
fun fall to do list ... :

So why not decorating with fresh herbs like in the picture above,

.... try some new and fun kids art things together with my little sweet heart 1)
and yes ... soup season is starting allover again 2)
and who can say no to some autumn cakes and treats 3)
and of course some new homey decoration ideas like these pressed and simple framed leaves   4)

and looong family walks in between colored leave and fresh crisp air....
(picture source)

so, yes...  a lot fun thing to do and enjoy !!!
I think I could like this fall anyway...

how about you?