dasie nectarine jelly.

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If you already read a few posts along this side,
you maybe noticed my love for creating recipes from
foraged, fresh picked goods.
It´s such an easy and fun thing to do .

So this year I first time tried a dasie recipe.
Daisies are not only edible flowers, they are quite healthy, too:
For example they stimulate the metabolism, are good for the skin.
They make a good eye catcher in every summer salad or
you can make delicious jelly, like in my version :

Dasie nectarine jelly:

pick around 5 cups of daisies, add juice of half of a lemon, 5 cups of water,
 a cut vanilla pod, let it sit overnight in the water, use a sieve to get the south afterwards.
Then I added nectarine slices from 3 nectarines, mashed it and let it cook with the 
right amount of gelling sugar 
( I used 3:1,  see prescription on the package for right amount for your jelly ).

What should I say ... it turned out so delicious, fresh and perfect for summer months,
I highly recommend trying making daysie jelly someday in your life:) ...

Have fun !