update (no.1)- caravan restyle project

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So like promised... now a little update on things going on
while restyling our little caravan.

You know... mid 90ies design and such ...

so here are a few before pictures, like we bought it .... :

Actually we really wanted to keep the restyling process simple and economical.

First of all I started with a pinterest board to collect some ideas and impressions.
And I found out that the biggest difference is easily just made by exchanging 
some materials, surfaces and textiles inside.

In our case, we choose light, natural textiles, mixed with darker wooden surfaces
and some black and white details,
which reminded me of a walk in a birch wood
(- my so to say inspiration...)

We started to add a new floor.
We chose linoleum floor in wooden optic,
- right it´s not as pretty as real wood, 
but it´s light, robust and easy to clean
and worked out very well:

After that we exchanged all the other things and details:

- we added new lights
- I sewed new curtains
- we renewed the sitting area
( added one big matrace as a bed and for sitting also,
sewed new seat cushions, added new fabrics like
covers and pillows...)
- and also added some wallpaper with a wooden look
(again just lighter than real wood, which is important for
not gaining to much weight inside the caravan)

that´s basically all and it already made such a huge difference.

We also changed/ added some other practical details, which
 are not all done yet...

so there will be a next post about this, soon...

See y`all !