apple chestnut soup. (Kastanien-Apfel-Suppe)

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oh yes ...
it´s the perfect time for soup again ...

so I`d like to share another one of our favorite go to recipes when the colder days start :

apple chestnut soup :

shop 3 small shallots, 1 apple and 2 packages of chestnuts (around 300g) 
finely and fry it all together gold brown in butter,  
cook for about 10 minutes.,  
now fill with 400ml chicken broth and 100ml white vine,
puree and let it boil for around 15 minutes and add 250g cream,
season it with some nutmeg, salt and pepper.

that´s basically all.

so fast and easy and really delicious.

you really should try it yourself,
cold days are around the corner ....

xxx ENJOYxxx.