lil` fall fun crafts.

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I love to see fall through the eyes of my child.
She loves this season.
Collecting things,
dancing in the wind and catching falling leaves ...

just wonderful.

But what to do with all these mentioned, "collected things"!?,
last year we made these,

this year we tried some other ideas, like this one,
which is so easy and fun to make :

1) you need : two nice textile bands, a small one and a wider one, 
leaves, glue and a scissor

2) cut a small hole into the edge of the wide textile band,
and attache the smaller one with a knot

3) then let your toddler glue the leaves on the band, 
let it dry and

you`re done !

so simple for the little ones to make.

perfect for little adventurers,
for the next kids party
or an autumn photo shoot ...

Have fun !

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