milk& honey, lavender soap (DIY).

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so here we are...

several years after the DIY soap trend started,
I`m now also trying it...
is there still a so to say trend ..!? maybe not, I`m too late...

but soap ist still such a useful thing, you know...

I think I really wanted to give it a try for years now,
but always kinda shrinked back,
because it sounded quite complicated,
with all the chemicals involved,
Protective gloves and goggles,
reminding me on school years and chemistry lessons. 

Until I came across the simplicity of glycerine 
soap as soap base.
Maybe I was also quite a bit late on finding this out !?


I somehow fell in love with it (suprise!)

So here is one of my own soap ideas and recipes,
that really came out quite well
and from which I already made some pretty giveaways 
for friends along the way.
( yes they liked it.)

Milk& Honey, lavender soap

You`ll need :

100g glycerine soup
6 teaspoons powdered coffee whitener
1 teaspoon honey

muffin silicon molds

Proceed :

Warm the glycerine soap in the microwave ( or pot in water bath)
as on the appropriate instructions
then add the coffee whitener and the honey,
stir until everything is smooth,
fill in the silicone molds and add the lavender blossoms on top,
let it rest and dry afterwards


I love to experiment with this,
and I even don`t need any chemical goggles so far,
( though it would look like a serious business while using them :)

just think of all the pretty things you can add,
like different flowers, fragrances and essential oils,
so many possibilities....

 any suggestions from your side ?