caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.

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there has been loads of asparagus eating within the last week. but what should I say, 
we love it and never get tired of it, especially in spring season.

so I thought I´d share one of our favorite recipes, from these days, it´s rich and super easy, 
and I mean strawberry and asparagus are one of these things, that are just meant to be:) :

caramelized asparagus strawberry salad:

You`ll need:

600 g asparagus, green
400 g strawberries 
60g pine nuts

2 tbsp icing sugar
  some vegetable broth

  3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, white
  1 tablespoon vinegar (sherry vinegar)
  4 tablespoons oil (canola or safflower oil)
  1 tablespoon oil (walnut or pine nut oil)
   Salt and pepper

First, the asparagus has to be cleaned and after that cut diagonally into bite-sized pieces. 
Now let the icing sugar caramelize slightly, add the pine nuts and after that  the asparagus pieces
stir in the caramelized sugar just for around 3 minutes. After that pour some vegetable broth 
over all this ( ca. 75ml) and let it simmer for another 3 minutes, then the asparagus should be 
ready and al dente. Let it cool down.

  Now the dressing can be prepared: mix the vinegars, oils, salt and pepper . Place the still warm 
asparagus in the dressing to marinate.

Finally clean and cut the strawberries and add it to the mix. It doesn`t matter if it`s still a bit warm, 
so the taste will get even more intense.

Bon appetite!


tereza said...

oh my this looks so good, would have never thought of putting these ingredients together :)

... and these are just perfect together;)!