roadtrip 2015- bruges/ haute+ basse normandy coast/ paris

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( all pictures from my pinterest travel board, find links <here>)

tadaaa, this is it, like mentioned our this years road trip route, 
and this actually will really be a road trip,
hence we won`t stay much longer than two till three days at one place.
If this will work out and won´t hopefully turn out to stressful, I´m going to tell you afterwards.
I actually have no clue. Only that it took us quite a while to plan the trip.
But I love planning road trips, sipping a glass of wine in the evenings together, dreaming and  
learning and chatting about new places.

We start in Germany, travelling from east to the west, crossing a tiny part of the Netherlands, 
reaching Belgium and our first destination : Bruges. After this we head to the Normandy coast,
travelling from haut to basse Normandy, visiting a lot of beautiful places, from Etretat to Honfleur,
following the coastline to Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo and after that driving back home
to Germany passing Paris and spending another view days there.

I spent a lot of time looking up a whole lot of pretty places, where caravans can stand on 
beaches and in free nature, without always depending on finding a pretty camp site.

so this will be quite an adventure, 
will be off a few days from now,
I´ll guess, wish us luck;)!


maria said...

Have fun!! That area of France is beautiful!!!

thankyou Maria... have never been at the French atlantic coast, can`t wait, hopefully the weather will be ok, but I kind of packed for every occasion;)

Sarah S. said...

Sounds amazing!! Have fun. I bet your pics and memories will be beautiful.

thanks a lot Sarah, I `ll get to share some of them hopefully soon!