catching up.

2:44 AM noni iloveyoumydear 2 Comments

... how can it be August already !? 
of course we are finally back  from our vacation trip,
and it was sooo good and I´m telling you very soon more about it.

( note: my phone internet doesn`t work properly anymore;
(, so I´m not up to date there at all)

life at the moment around here is busy, very busy,
but the good sort of busy, if you know what I mean.

having some extra business summer projects and also
some on our ever enduring "to do"- house renovating list,
not mentioning the other days being on the road with our caravan,
we got carried away with this summer.

it`s beautiful anyways. the days are full and the nights are long.
and we are soaking it all in.

I give my best to get back to a little bit of
blogging routine around here,
because there is so much to share...

I hope you enjoy your summer days!