on simple style.

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so meanwhile until I get more back into a somewhat blogging routine,
 I would like to talk on some ... style thoughts.

(which is a pretty controversial topic, I know, maybe that's why I don`t talk so much
about it here, even though I`am  a fashion designer;)

so let`s just call it my personal view of style and how it evolved over the time,
to get more and more uncomplicated and easy.

above you can see just a little collage of some current pinterest 
fave looks of mine.I would call them quite uncomplicated looks-
easy neutrals, nudes, some denim, simple patterns.
 they are all sort of easy to combine . and so you
can get a whole lot of outfit possibilities by just a few of them.

over the years my style changed somehow,
as I was younger, I always needed to have the newest stylish pieces
and spent a whole lot of money (that I actually didn`t have) on this.

times change and people change,
 now I look more and more for some kind of rest in hectic fashion trend development.
Don´t get me wrong, I do love style, but in my case I more and more
value simplifying things, bying less and therefor quality products I really like,
 uncomplicated looks that just work out easily with each other.

With these pieces, I save a lot of time in the mornings and
still don`t run out of new outfit ideas.

I think the most of you already read about the term and idea of a capsule wardrobe.
Even though I personally wouldn`t strictly limit my wardrobe on 34 pieces or such
(but anyways I learned to love limiting it ) it combines a few ideas that really
worked out for me over the past few years.

I love Caroline Rectors view on this topic:
"To me, a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters."

so for me that it is ... simple and still some style.

if you like to read more thoughts about capsule wardrobe ideas:
un-fancy, into mind, project 333

what do you think about it ? do you limit your favorite clothing pieces?

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