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Hello New Year! I know I`m a bit late;) ... but I took a little break,
I think the last winter months are perfect for some slow living.
and also a fresh start ....

So here´s to the winter months !

(Actually I`m not a winter lover, but I adapted somehow and just enjoy evrything by rolling with it as it comes.

So here are some personal favorite things of starting into the new year and enjoying the last winter months:

1) Beginning of the year I always feel very motivated to declutter and clean and organize home stuff because somehow it´s freeing, so when the mood hits why not take advantage out of this, right !? Less clutter, more time!

2) Do you know this feeling of this strange void when all the pretty christmas decoration is gone? In my case this calls for flowers! May it be fresh, planters or dried ones, I love the positive already a bit springish vibes they bring into a home, especially in still grey winter days.

3) +5) Yes, I don`t care if layers are still hot or not, I wear layers and more layers, all the time. So these days are just perfect for doing this. I love layering knits in the moment, in fresh and neutral colors easy to combine and oh so cozyyy, no better time of the year for doing this !

4) More tea please! Currently I most like fresh, herbal ones. My favorite these days are rose tea and jasmin.

6) I want to think about more about my food habits and make good choices. In my case this means, I MUST, last year I mentioned my stomache problems since summer and dealing with gastritis. 
Meanwhile I got a  diagnose for fructose intolerance and lactose intolerance. Nope. never had this before.
And I`m sure things will change. But at this point of time I need to change my food habits first of all, instead of wining and feeling self-pity.
I quit sugar a few months ago ( yes, me!?), I read about food map diet and stuff and I found new inspiring recipes blogs like Krautkopf, The whitest cake alive, (sorry all German but I`m going to share some more favorites soon) and many more that inspire me along the way.
What does this mean for this space? My recipes are going to change, my recipes now will contain less fructose and lactose and maybe you will follow along me on this adventurous journey ? ...
7) Sipping on a glas of vine and long winter evenings are perfect to plan a new upcoming trip for the year, if it is a summer vacation or maybe just a short adventurous getaway, whatever, I always make a pin board and browse pinterest pictures, which always gets me even more exited

8) winter kid activities with the little ones! Winter days can be long but they are so many fun things to do together in this season  I also made a pinboard for this (also see last years post). And how pretty is this winter landscape by the way !? I can imagine getting out in the woods and collecting stuff and then creating this together, this would be fun!

9) and then just head out, nature is beautiful also in this season, whether rainy, wheter snowy .... and getting back home, a warm fireplace and warm blankets is even better then !

Wow, you see, so easy to fill the last winter months with some fun things and make them a bit more special!

Can`t wait !