a new friend.(DIY)

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 Hello there, we have a new friend over here. Like I told you in this post I kind 
of managed to get Emmis first doll ready as a christmas gift. Fortunately,  
he new doll has met all the expectations of our little lady. Test passed, puh:)

I made the doll within these few simple steps:

1.I sketched the silhouette of the doll, I used simple forms for that 
(as you can see I had a little helper...)
2. I precut the parts out of fleece and sweatshirt fabric, 
later I replaced the occiput with plush
3. I sketched the face and the body parts, scanned it 
and printed it on t-shirt transfers ( I love how easy you can personalize 
your dolls in this way), cut out the printed film and ironed it on the fabric

 this shows the ultimate variant, I changed it after the first try, 
Lotta became a slightly higher head and some bangs....

 4. I sew together all the body parts and left holes to sew the whole 
body together afterwards and stuffed the parts with soft plush
5. sew on the hair on the opptical and sew it alltogether, stuffed it
6. finally I sew all the single parts together by hand, maybe next time, 
I`m not going to make so many single body parts...
7... as you already noticed poor Lotta only wears undies... 
so I still need to sew some tiny clothes for her within the next days:)...

I enjoyed making Emmis first doll and personalize it for her,
I guess this won`t be the last time that we make dolls, around here...:)

If you are already "pro" in making plush dolls, I would be happy for some extra tips ...