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language of the heart.*

 in between the last year I thought  a lot about being creativ, I think I always do:)...
 There are a lot of beautiful childhood memories filled with drawing, crafting,
 being creative with friends, singing and dancing. I love that, it feels home and
familiar to me and I still do these kind of things until today. I even can`t remember 
a time when I didn`t have any creative stuff in mind...I just don`t know.

But it`s more than that. Everybody is gifted on his own beautiful way, 
sometimes it takes us a bit time to free ourselves and discover it.

Creativity for me in which form it may come (drawing, writing, cooking, 
music, dancing, design, photographing and so many more) is a language, 
an expression of the heart.
Did you notice that words sometimes are not enough to express yourself 
( ok. you may be writer, than you are better than me in expressing with words)?. 
Sometimes we are just only focussing to express our thoughts by language, but 
sometimes a painting, a song, pictures, a dance,..., can describe really well where 
there are no words for. I love that so much. Creativity in which for it comes can 
express our hearts and is able to touch others.

It´s a gift God gave us. He made us after his image. He was the first one who created something, 
he created us and put all of his heart in us. So we are his hearts expression! Isn`t that beautiful. 
So precious! This makes my heart skip!

Now raising our first child I`m thinking a lot about it. Emmi is a part of Jesus hearts expression, 
we all are. I want to raise her in the awareness of that. And I love how these little ones already
 express themselves in so many creative ways, free and fearless. They even can teach us sometimes:). 
I want her to keep that ability, in which creative form ever she will speak, I want her to keep 
the ability to share her heart freely and may encourage others through that.
I`m thankful for God`s blessings in our lifes, he hast trusted us with so much.
Let`s see where this journey will take us, I´m really looking forward to it

( * the picture above was taken in our summer holiday in France, I`m wearing some clothes I  
designed for my fashion label, my fashion label. Because this blog is my private corner I`m not 
focussing so much on my business stuff, but  I will tell you more about it in the future) 

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