cosy lights & long nights.

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christmas is gone, 2013 is there and I long a lot for springtime...
but in reality in this region we will still have around 3 months winter , 
that means more cold days, term dawn, long I guess we have 
to cultivate and come to terms a bit with cold sister winter.

... we will have a lot of soup and comfy evenings with warm fire in the fire place, 
cuddeling in pjs, and cosy candle light...

not to bad anyways:)...

the other day I found this on pinterest and made it in this way now several times for 
myself with some leftover tangerines, it`s really pretty and if you like the tangerine aroma 
you have easily made natural odor candles...
(pictures were made between the christmas holidays, as you may can see:)

 ( you can squeeze the juice and may use it for this)

Have fun enjoying some cold winter evenings:) !