back home.

12:08 PM noni iloveyoumydear 2 Comments

wow. it´s already 2013 friends... 
we are back home with some beautiful days laying behind us .
Just some recent instagrams from the last days and our little 
spontanous trip to the sea. We didn`t take a lot of things along with us, 
just some essential clothes, ourselves:) and friends...
we didn`t have any tv, internet, computers... only a lot of time, long walk
and good talks (ok. I took my mobile phone with me, and instagram:) but 
I even hadn`t mobile net most of time)...
Which brought me to think about  one of my new years resolutions. 

The point is, that I realized, we have so much things, sometimes too much, too much toys, 
too much baby articles (you need this, you may need that...), so many clothes, we live in a 
commercial abound of things, that we sometimes just don`t need... I would like to go
back to more simplicity in life, back to the more essential things and focus on that. 

So I made a rule for myself: the "50%" rule
m going to reduce some toys, our closets and give some things away. 
I`m going to focus more on handmade stuff then on buying things, when 
I want to buy something I`m going to think more about the necissity, and 
may only buy 50%  of the intended things. I just give it a try:) lets see...*

(* even if I maybe don`t manage to buy only 50%, it gives me a goal and helps me to focus a bit more)

I`m thankful for such possibilities, I´m thankful for the people in my life, friends and family. 
 ...and  looking forward to a new wonderful year with new adventures to come:)...

I wish you the most happy 2013!