heading north.

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small insertion- we`re heading north, to the sea.
We spent a couple of vacations south in France and Italy the last years,
 but we also love the northern parts of Europe,  as I was studying in Finland a few years ago.

...it´s getting quite in this little space here for the next few days... 
 we are leaving for the north sea to spent time with friends in a little dyke cottage. 
There will be no internet available, which is a blessing for me, because that really  
means some rest and quite days... (I think I didn`t mention that I own an onlineshop, 
so that mostly means a lot of work and being online 24/7. I will tell you more about
 my freelance business in the coming year. I learned a lot in the last years and maybe 
some of you who are interested in that topic get encouraged along the way to start 
their own businesses..)

but anyway first of all some rest and time with my loved ones, because thats what counts most!

See you soon, xxx noni   

(pictures from 2010)