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winter vitamines.

this is another part of somehow surviving the cold and dark winter days 
within healthy and good mood and without grumbling (or only hardly complaining), 
and maybe loose a a few excess winter pounds on the way...

so one of our new projects is--> throwing some vitamines together, 
so to speak some wildly salat mixtures and we are really starting to enjoy it:)...

I think I`m going to share some nice compilations now and then,
 if you have any suggestion to add, you are welcome to join this little experiment...

spinach salad with sweet honey dressing, tete de moin cheese and blueberries 

mixed salad with honey ginger dressing, shrimps, tangerines and pumpernickel bread

 spinach salad with yogurt dressing, goat cheese, bacon and cranberries

more to come!

joining aloha friday blog hop again today:
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