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work in progress.

hallo, this is us, just doing what we love most...
working on a little project...and that`s one of the reasons I created the blog just a few 
months ago...I wanted it to be a part on our creative journey, wherever it will lead us.
Emmi was around one year and she hardly even couldn`t walk, when she already 
discovered her affinity for crayons. It took me a while to realize, but after several 
drawings and SIGNS on walls, floors and furniture ( thought maybe to make photo 
series out of her works...) I finally got the point and handed her some paper.

Since then doing creative stuff is always a big part of our weekly activities and we
 just love it. Sometimes it`s messy, sometimes it goes wrong, sometimes it doesn`t 
make a lot of sense, but it´s quality time, and thats enough sense for now...

and yes of course... we are making some progress...  

For example our last project... a penguin collage
we were working on bit by bit now since 3 weeks :

(I prepared these paper shapes, we puzzled them and glued them together, 
then we made snow pictures with white paint, and later a collage out of the different parts )

--->some general random facts that work for us when we craft  
( Emmi is now 19 months)

- I prepare everything necessary before we start (craft and art material, hide the carpets:)...)
- I don`t constitute it longer than 10 minutes, if she likes to go on, we go further,
 but it´s never a must, it  should always be fun
- for finding ideas I use some thoughts of surrealist techniques 
  (lavage, decalcolmanie, frottage, collage deliver as many ideas, 
ok. fumage may not be the best technique for toddlers, but there are still a lot of other possibilities),
 like for example in our rain pictures
- you can also find a bunch of ideas on pinterest ( I always brows and collect some ideas 
on my boards, maybe change them a bit or get another idea from that)
if I have a useful idea I make a small project out of it, that developes within few little steps, 
so you always have something in progress... (for example our  cone project )
- things must not be pretty, I give Emmi a goal and help her to reach it, 
but everything is up to her ; there should always be room for changing plans, 
trying stuff out and also messing things up, because that´s also part of learning
Ok, this was a whole lot and I´m not done yet..so maybe more later:)

Did you make similar experiences or do you have any advices or tips for a young mama? 
Would be glad!

Have a happy weekend friends,

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