racoon print DIY ( free printable)

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It´s been some time... 
Sometimes I just need my time for editing, especially editing DIYs,
and because enjoying family quality time after work is my daylie main goal,
some other things go a bit slower,
so there is a bunch of little projects coming that I didn´t show you until yet
(if I get them all edited;)...

like this one! --->

I love so much doing things together with my little one and just watch
how things turn out and come to life.

the raccoon print was one of these things.

first of all I have to say that Emmi loves all kind of forest animals,
especially raccoons and I love cute animal prints, especially in black and white,
so I made a little project out of this.

Lets get started:

some simple creative Pc-skills are necessary 
(but you can cope with that, you probably blog your own:)-

Find a picture of an animal you like, turn it into black and white picture on the Pc,
to make it look quite stylish, you can increase the contrast and maybe work with some
drawing filters in Photoshop and such

 for those who want to skip this step, I prepared this  

Proceed like shown in the pictures:

1) Print the graphic on normal paper and help your little one draw on it

2) scan it , now you can choose to use the print as it is or if you want the
drawing appear more soften,  you for example can layer it in photoshop
    with the first graphic,then print it on  T-SHIRT TRANSFERS
like this for example ( see this tutorial)

3) now be creative cut it and iron it on any textile surface you like

4) if you want it more fancy you can add some extra fun stitching !

Lots of possibilities, we enjoyed it and already work on some other animals:)


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