Dresden fall evenings & some dreams.

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Hey everyone,

these are some latergrams from another spontaneous weekend trip:)
So I think I`ll take you with me in one of my favorite cities, not far from my home: Dresden.

Andi and I made a lot of memories here. From walking these roads as a teenage couple,
afterwards meanwhile studying art history and design, and of course to now coming back as a family.

 It fills my heart with thankfulness. 

A lot of things changed.
 God changed me, molded and shaped me. He still does.
I also wouldn`t change a thing in my past, these where necessary steps on the way
to become what God wants me to be.

and I´m still on this journey. it`s a life journey and it´s quite adventurous.

so next to having long family walks in this wonderful autumn light in between one of our favorite places,
and eating a whole lot of sweets, cake and good food,
we just had time for good talks. 
being away from home, not in between everyday duties, sometimes helps just to see things in 
a different light. Often when we as a family need time to think and rest, we escape
for a short time, even when it`s only for two days or so.

it was that weekend we just felt that God is speaking to our hearts.
About the dreams and plans he gave us to pursue.

We noticed that in our life there is something like a recurring pattern:

When I was younger I gave my life to the Lord and told him that I don`t want to go my own path, 
but instead the paths he prepared for me, because his ways are just better than ours, and that`s what
will completely fulfill us.
( and sometimes it takes some time to learn this by heart)

So I gave it all to him. Then God started putting things and dreams on my heart.
Sometimes crazy ones:).

And suddenly other doors closed.
Looking back I just noticed how many doors God himself closed, 
 and by noticing that he just healed my heart, because I still had to forgive some people. 
Sometimes God used people in my life to close doors, that were not meant for me,
 it may felt like a rejection in these days, but it was his way, to guide me another path.
The way he prepared for me.

now I can see it. I just needed some time to grow and realize.

then there is the thing about pursuing dreams... and I now just write about my own experience:

So sometimes God put a dream, a thought or something on my heart.
after noticing this, I enter a second phase. I would call it the testing phase, were I have to learn,
not to put these dreams above him, whatever comes. To depend on him and hand him back these
things and their importance in my life.

And then after my heart is shaped, and  finally ready to deal with these things,
I may enter another period, a time of harvest, a time
where the doors open , where you can enter in and start walking in this dreams, small and big.
And that`s part of this life`journey as well.

I write this because I experienced it, in some fields in my life, even though I`m just 30.

God gave us the dream to grow a church, it took us ten years, where our heart were moved 
and shaped and it`s happening.

God gave me the dream to start an own fashion business. It sounds great but there was so much 
to learn on that way. He is my strength and my guidance.
It now exists for 6 years, starting with a German small business, and now has grown so much that 
I work together with my good designer friend, another employee and 7 tailors.
We produced and sold over 20000 handmade fashion goods, through Europe
 and some other parts of the world.
And I know it`s just the beginning of a journey, which is in Gods hands.
 ( and yes there is so much I can share about this in this corner, and I will, when it´s the right time)

When we were in Dresden God was speaking to our hearts about another thing,
he layed on our hearts for quite some time now.
Coming back home, with these thoughts in my mind and also just laying our plans down before him.
 A new little door opened...and a new journey is about to begin,
which I will share about soon!

Actually all I wanted to say is :
 Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.
(Psalm 37,5)

Give him the possibility to give his dreams to you, there is a beautiful plan for your life,
and a lot to come, he made you to be a witness of his love and share it with others, 
and he has the right and perfect way for you, 
don`t be afraid, when you trust him, he will close the wrong doors 
and guide you the right way.

and maybe then when we are older  looking back on our lifes
we will know with full and thankfull hearts, it was all his way!

( and I don`t get this song out of my head these days:)

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maria said...

This is beautiful Noni! Such a great thing to be reminded of! Thanks!

thanks a lot Maria, makes me happy to hear! and i think each of us has to remind himself sometimes of this beautiful fact!

Hannah said...

Noni, this is a beautiful post in so many ways. You are so right about how, even when we know the dreams that are in our hearts are from God, we still need to put Him first, and not the dream. It's so wonderful when God gives us the perspective we need on how He has been at work in our lives, when at times it has been hard to understand why He has closed certain doors - your words are a helpful reminder to always, always Trust in Him.
And your photos of Dresden are stunning - what amazing architecture! It makes me want to come and visit Germany, which I really should do, as it really isn't that far from England!

ah Hannah thankyou so ! And me too,I definetily need to visit a few places in GB:)
Germany mostly is just the passage travelling to south or north, but when if you pass someday, Dresden is worth a visit!