Christmas Calendar DIY+ Free Printable gift tags (part1)

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 Yay for cold evenings, lighting a fire, cozying up in a blankett and some crafting.
I love this about the cold seasons and enjoyed doing a little this and that 
which I will share with you the coming weeks.

I cant`t help I`m so realy looking forward to the christmas season.
And I think with the child now, each year it´s getting better.
When E was a baby I thought, this is gonna be my favorite christmas,
but actually I had a favorite christmas after that and
I will now have a favorite christmas again:)...

So why not start with the this years christmas calender...:

Nothing big, I just prepared little paper bags,
filled them and normally wanted to add these pretty numbers
but they were just to heavy for my whole idea (which I will show 
you in a second DIY this week)
So I needed to prepare my very own printable tags:

Doodled something, scanned it, made a graphic out of it ( I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator)
and added some numbers.

so If you don`t want to do it yourself and like mine,
here comes a free printable to download

FREE DOWNLOAD of the tags plain and with numbers:
---> HERE !

so all you have to do is just print them on different
pretty papers (natural colored ones and brown ones are best,
if you ask me), cut them , perforate them
(if you like you can use masking tape around the holes),
 add some pretty thread, and maybe personalize them with a little message !

That's basically all... Have fun! (to be continued...)

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