most easy caramels (+ variation: spiced christmas cookie caramels)

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I love some handmade presents and giveaways for christmas.
there is so much more particularity in stuff like this.

so i have quite a list of things on my little agenda for this christmas.
no complicated things, pretty and easy ...

so let´s start with the world easiest caramels ever...

for the basic ones:
you only need a can of sweetened condensed milk !
cook and stir in a nonstick pan until it get`s smooth caramel (see below),
role and cut it on baking paper,
that`s basically all!

if you follow me along you may already know that I love basic recipes,
that you can adjust and change, in any directions you like.

so for some extra seasonal bliss I added some extra ingredients:
christmas cookie spices (our typical christmas cookies are Spekulatius),
or if you don`t want to use a ready made mixture, just go with some ginger slices,
Cinnamon and clove and crushed (Spekulatius) christmas cookies.

so let`s start:

fill the condensed milk in a nonstick pan, add the spices.
wait until it boils and detaches from the ground,
lower the heat, add the crushed cookies 
( I use 5 cookies for one can of sweetened condensed milk)
and now constantly start to stir until it gets one big caramelized and fluffy piece (no.4)
( the longer you heat it, the harder it gets afterwards)
after that roll it with the help of baking paper and a rolling pin,
let it rest a few minutes and cut it (when it´s still warm)
and maybe add some cookie sprinkles on the outside again.

If you like you can cut some baking paper pieces,
and use it as candy paper with the caramel pieces, which 
looks extra pretty ! 

so very easy and fun, maybe you have already an own variation idea...:)