weekend-sleighride in the woods

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Waking up Saturday morning after storm xaver passed,
finally everything was covered under a thick beautiful snow mantle.
( normally used to having long snowy winters we are quite late this year)

Emmi was over the moon and recommended some extra sleigh ride time.
Leaving with the whole family for Berlin (working there) this week,
I still had a long to do list to, for Christmas presents, plans etc. which still needed to be done,

but without further ado I cancelled some of them.

Because sometimes it´s just about moments and not about plans.

So we went into the woods and enjoyed
some extra time together, instead of being busy.

It so much was the right thing to do.
inhaling some fresh air, crunchy snow under our feet
it was relaxing, fun and beautiful altogether
the nature looked like in a fairytale

So I just changed some of my plans, 
and skipped some unnecessary ones.

This year (and also before) I learned a lot about the word "process".
Sometimes we head so much for our goals and aims and totally 
forget enjoying the process getting there.
Sometimes there are beautiful opportunities in between,
we don`t even realize because we are working so hard to get
our lists and  plans done or are frustrated when everything doesn`t work
like we intended it to be .

I´m still learning that it is also sometimes just about the way,
the way where you get molded and formed in between all pursuing of dreams.
Embracing the process and the here and now with all its beautiful  possibilities.

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