this years christmas calendar (part2)

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I hope all American friends had a wonderful thanksgiving.

as time moves on I finally can share our this years
 Christmas calendar, like promised:

Because our old fridge has a whole lot of scratches from already 4 moves within 11 years,
I came across this chalkboard foil which is by the way reversible...

Because Emmi really loves to draw on it,
I thought it would be great to add a little extra fun to it.

So I prepared these paper bags and tags, filled them and
sketched a tree on the chalkboard background

Emmi still has a lot of fun to draw around the tree.
But of course the most fun thing is opening these little bags.

This years filling are some petite wooden animal stamps,
mini ink pads, (that she can collect in a small bag afterwards)
 of course and sweets :).

She loves it, but I even think it`s actually not so much
the matter whats inside.
It´s just the joy of a small daily surprise.
And for me it`s the biggest joy watching her !


maria said...

Great idea! E is so cute!