winter nesting.

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winter is such a pretty season, don`t you think ?
  I guess just only one third of you will join me in this case ...
 and I know you are right, winter can be a bit too cold and bare after removing all the
prettiness of the christmas season- poor winter ...
so it happens that this time round I´m working on a little nesting project again,
just to make the left winter months, a bit more comfy at home.
And when looking closely, there are so many pretty things I still want to do in this season,
until spring arrives:

Like enjoying pj days and long cozy breakfasts at the weekends,
more winter walks and collecting some winter greens for our home,
or what about cosy soup evenings and cuddling up, enjoying a good book 
and some winter treats?

not that bad, if you ask me...

... letting you know how we make progress according to this quite soon ...
what do you love about winter?


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I needed to read this. there IS beauty in WINTER. I have been all down on it this week, but it is nice to have a reason to get in your PJs at 6:30 at night and be under a blanket watching the latest episode of GIRLS. Thanks. Makes me want soup.