hand crochet a rug (DIY).

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Winter needs some more fun projects,
don`t you think?
or maybe I just need this.

I bet you already saw the different easy loop hand knitting DIYs .

But because I´m not so the knitting type of person,
(more the loosing stitches and creating mess type of )

I thought I´ll maybe go with crochet !?

so I searched the net, if there are already some hand crochet 
things out there. and of course there are. but less.

so I tried my luck. and I just can say,
I really wonder why only a few came across hand crochet.

it´s as simple and fast as hand knitting , I´ll tell you.

So will you join me creating a rug in just around 1,5 h or so ? 

it`s totally worth it ! :

so first of all you need some thick yarn.

if you haven`t you can also add two yarn strings together (see below).

and of course you need your hands, pretty simple;)...

let`s start :

now follow pictures below

1)+2) you start with a simple loop, then crochet another loop through it.

3) then you crochet another six single crochets

4) after that you will close the ring by drawing, the whole beginning technique is
    called  " magic ring " or "magic circle" 
 now add double crochets (twice in each) in every of the six single crochets

5) then go on with your spiral by doing a single crochet then double, then single, then double,...
until you`re done with the second row, in the third row you proceed with 2 single crochets and 
then 1 double, in the 4th row you continue with counting 3 single crochets and 1 double
and so on ... until you reach the size you prefere...
end with pulling the string through the last loop and drawing it all tightly together.

6) I also added some fringes by pulling the string through a loop like shown 
on the picture...

so I was done in around 1,5h with crochet and then another half an 
hour for the fringes,
my rug`s diameter then was around 100cm big.

don`t really understand my pictures?
then just follow this pretty well explained tutorial here.
it´s just done with thicker yarn,
but you also can use finer one like in my case,

but what about the hand or finger crochet technique
with finer yarn !?

easy to make, but not so easy to explain, so I made this short video,
where you can see how I put my fingers :

It´s actually pretty easy.
just try it for yourself,
maybe you`ll find out another finger technique
that also works for you.

anyways it´s just so much fun 
and I´m pretty sure there will be a whole lot of rugs
in my home and my friends homes
and many more hand crochet projects to come ...

I`ll let you know, for sure !