winter kid activities.

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so here we are ... it´s winter ...

not my favorite season ...
... but maybe it´s up to me make it my favorite one, or maybe second favorite , or third or so .

so these days I was browsing the www and looking for some fun kid activities for my girl.

because cosying up inside and working together on a little project, 
or wrapped oneself up warmly, going out for some winter adventure,
can be fun, huh !

Are you with me !?

So these are some of my favorite finds:

1) +2) Working on a little simple art, like potato stamping,
or maybe some winter storm action painting
inspired by these pretty cards I found, or mixing it altogether?
(If we will have any usable results I`ll share;)...

3) I like these snow garlands, could make some pretty
winter decor in the kids room.
4)+ 8) or how about the idea of these ice lights :
4) is made out of baloons or you can put in collected winter plants like her in 8)
... somehow like a good looking and useful science project with the kid...
5) or preparing some food for the birdies outside and then watching them is always a hit.
 6)  I like the idea of this easy puzzle snowman,
if you like cleaning your windows...
(but because of the little fingerprints I have to clean it anyways ...)
7) or just going out for a walk, collecting sticks and
coloring them afterwards sounds like a good idea ...

so loads of things to do ,
let´s get started !