more winter, more soup (walnut soup recipe).

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ok, as you can see...

we have some more winter over here.

nothing special, just the typical weather.
and most times snowy.
which is beautiful.
besides the cold. (I know already mentioned ...)

but actually not so difficult to handle
with warm clothes and some soup :) 

so I guess we will make it happily 
through this season  .

so here is another time to 
winter walks and more soup recipes ....

walnut soup

1 carrot
1 onion
  1/4 leeks
1 handful of walnuts
2 cup milk
2 cup cream
chopped parsley

Cut the carrot, onion, and leek 
into 2 cm large cubes and roast along with the  
walnuts in a pot adding a little butter.  
Add the milk and cream and cook with medium heat 
until the vegetables are soft.  
Puree and season.
Serve hot and garnish with chopped parsley.

 Enjoy a cozy winter !