raspberry yogurt gummy glitter hearts.

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me and my little sous chef, had some pink 
glittery girly valentines day fun last weekend.

I so much love to create something together with her,
and she loves it espeicially when it`s tasty, gummy hearts
with edible pink! glitter;)

oh well and it´s healthy by the way :)

 in my version I took:

 around 250 g raspberries, 100 g yogurt,
used some honey and a bit of sugar to sweeten it.
heated it altogether and poured it through a sieve.
after that I had around 300ml liquid and added/
stirred into still warm mixture 2 packages gelatin (18g),
afterwards poured it into a flat form to cool and rest.

and added some pinkish edible glitter,
which is of course just optional

we had it rest for around 3 h in the fridge
then it was ready to be cut out ...

for cutting we used heart shaped cookie cutters,
which worked out pretty well.

we had our gums at a birthday party
and they were a real hit.
they are really fruity and so tasty.

actually you can make these kind of gums,
with whatever fruit juices, tastes, yoghurts, etc. you prefer.

so this won`t be our last version,
for sure:)

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