green tea rose body butter (vegan, easy 3 ingredients ).

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Hello beauty,
it´s time to wake up from winters sleep...
don`t you think ;) ...

so why not give yourself a little treat ?
or maybe someone else ...

So I thought  I`ll share another little recipe ,
because it´s easy, all natural and homemade
and will give your skin a fresh spring wake up call
along the way...

are you with me!?:)

You`ll need

basically just 3 ingredients:
250g coconut oil
2 bags of green tea 
some organic rose petals

2 teaspoons olive oil
3 drops essantial oil 
( I took jasmin for another slight flower note)

melt the  coconut oil, add the leaves and tea
  leave it 10 min on lowest heat (now boiling!), 
optional: add 2 teaspoons of olive oil and for a more intense fragrance 
you can add 2-3 drops of a flowery essential oil ( I took jasmin), 
stir constantly, remove the tea bags and petals, let it cool down,
wait until it starts to solidify, now mix it until it gets its creamy  texture,

store it in some pretty jars or closable containers, 
(stored with cool temperature the body butter will be 
durable around one year)

aaaand you are done !