christmas paper bag calendar/ candlebag DIY ( free printable).

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Advent is coming soon! And like every year there will be a simple handmade calendar! 
And a freebe for you;)...

so let`s start and make this cute printed paper bag calendar :

You`ll need:

paper bags ( 10cm x 21 cm/ ca. 3,9x8,3 inch, or a tiny bit wider), old washi tape, graph paper,
glues, some clips and an inkjet printer

next----> download the images for free:

 1) houseprint  and 2) numbers

let´s get started: 

print the house print on the paper to find out the proper position to (next) place the paper bags
on its proper position. fix the bags with some washi tape, because it´s easily removable.
When fixing do it like shown in the picture, the upper side of the paper (later the houses rooftops) need to be fixed a bit more, that there won`t be any paper jam happening wile printing.

now print on the bags. remove the washi tape and let each print dry, in the meantime you can fix the bags again on the paper, do it on repeat 12 times, until you have 24 printed bags ...

now print the doors and numbers, cut them out and fix them with glue on each bag.

if you don`t like to use my print you can also just be creative and draw your own house versions on top of your paper bags.

now you only need to fill the bags, fold the rooftop and arrange them with pins on a thick thread
or just place and arrange them where ever you like ...

what i love most about these bags is that they are absolutely versatile,
you can use them also as cute paper bag lights and for Christmas wrapping.

can`t wait for December the first ! 

Happy calendar crafting everyone !