swirled/ marbled cinnamon peppermint soap DIY.

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Hope you are having a wonderful first Advent week.

(...Deutsche Version kommt noch...)

Time to sit with a tea or a hot cocoa and make a few nice Christmas Give-Aways.
(maybe that´s one of the parts I really like about that season;)...

You maybe already got the point that I like experimenting with glycerin soap base.
So this again is a very easy to make soap version, that smells like Christmas and looks
a lot like sugar candy!

We already love it over here!

So lets make some...

Swirled Cinnamon peppermint soap!

You`ll need:

 glycerin soap base (white), essential oil cinnamon and peppermint (appropriate for skin), 
red food color,silicon molds, vessels to heat the soap, sticks

Heat the soap in the microwave or on the oven (don`t cook it),
take as much soap as soap bars you would like to make (depends also on your molds),
after melting add peppermint oil to the white soap (circa one drop/100g soap) and
 color the other soap with a few drops red food coloring and add cinnamon 
oil to it (circa one drop/ 100g). Make sure not to use too much essential oil, 
especially cinnamon is quite strong and can, if used to much, cause skin irritation 
and we don`t want that on soap, right;)!...

wait a few minutes until the liquid soap gets a bit more sticky, now pour it half and half 
( or if you like one color more add more of it) into your molds and use the stick to marble it.


Let it rest until it gets solid, and you are done!

Store them airtight until you give them away, so that it won`t loose its´scent until then.

Happy soap making and gifting , everyone !