christmas treats ( Stollenkonfekt, spiced plum blueberry marzipan jam. speculoose dulce de leche cookie butter.)

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no Christmas without some sweat treats, right? !
in my case this year this means doing without...

( right, I recently have been dealing with lactose and  fructose  intolerance, yay ! 
and this kind of sugar is almost everywhere, but more about this topic soon, 
now it´s christmas, and yes I also cheated a bit inbetween,;)

and anyways this also make cute give-aways...

Stollenkonfekt ( a sweet traditional German Christmas bread)

the same procedure as every year... 
it´s so good, we just can`t do without.
you can find the recipe here

also no Christmas without Marzipan jam.
this year it is :

spiced plum blueberry marzipan jam

I simply skipped some ingredients and took plums and blueberries instead cherries and a bit of
rum... so yummy, like every year, you can find more about it here and the basic recipe here )

and there is also a new addition !

this was the also the reason I cheated with my no sugar diet !
it´s so good, I just couldn`t resist.

Speculoose dulce de leche cookie butter:

basically I used this German blog recipe from backbube for the speculoose cookie butter.
( if you need to translate in English you can copie and paste it into a translater, it´s not all
accurate, but yourwill get the point how to make it )
and layered it with some easy made dulce the leche out of condensed milk ( like in this recipe),
I cooked a small part of it a bit longer so that it gets more solid, rolled it and cut some hearts with a cookie cutter to place it on the on the glasses, just the same way I do it with the marzipan jam above.

I love the taste of caramel together with the speculoose cookie butter,
just perfect also if you add some sea salt on top for salted caramel.

just try it yourself and enjoy !